1. Endless Night OSTED 0:33
  2. You Dance OSTED 0:37
  3. Exit OSTED 0:33

The Story

OSTED traveled to London in July 2019 to record their first album with Kenny Jones from Alchemy Studio (BAUHAUS, DEAD CAN DANCE, THE SMITHS, BJÖRK…). This 10-track debut album « Blind Reflection » was released on November 29, 2019 in both CD and vinyl format.

Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative

Watch the music video for "Our Past Just Disappeared"

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OSTED – Blind Reflection

Release Date : 29 novembre 2019
Artist : OSTED
Genres : Indie Rock, New-Wave, Post-Punk
Format : Vinyl

The recording session of « Blind Reflection » took place in July 2020 in Alchemy Studio and lasted ten days. The working environment, the city, the professionalism and the experience of Kenny Jones; everything was gathered to make this record in the best conditions, while being an unforgettable experience for each of the members.