1. Endless Night OSTED 0:33
  2. You Dance OSTED 0:37
  3. Exit OSTED 0:33

The Story

OSTED traveled to London in July 2019 to record their first album with Kenny Jones from Alchemy Studio (BAUHAUS, DEAD CAN DANCE, THE SMITHS, BJÖRK…). This 10-track debut album “Blind Reflection” was released on November 29, 2019 in both CD and vinyl format.

Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative

Watch the music video for "Our Past Just Disappeared"

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OSTED – Blind Reflection

Release Date : 29 November 2019
Artist : OSTED
Genres : Indie Rock, New-Wave, Post-Punk
Format : Vinyl

The recording session of “Blind Reflection” took place in July 2020 in Alchemy Studio and lasted ten days. The working environment, the city, the professionalism and the experience of Kenny Jones; everything was gathered to make this record in the best conditions, while being an unforgettable experience for each of the members.